Fire Management Basket


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Our fire management basket has been designed to help increase the efficiency on our stick burners.  This is done by concentrating the coals and directing airflow in such a way to maximize your fuel and help prevent dirty smoke.  This is achieved by directing primary combustion air directly into the center of the fire and along the splits.  Then a secondary burn is achieved by pre-heated air being introduced through holes along the sides helping consume partially burned “dirty” smoke. This is a game changer and turns even a beginner into a pro at managing the fire.

  • 20” Series top opening is 12.5” long 12” wide 7” tall, weight 16lbs
  • 24” Series top opening is 19” long 14” wide 7” tall, weight 23lbs
  • 3/16” thick fully welded plate construction with removable/replaceable expanded metal bottom

20'' series, 24'' series


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