Pee Wee Insulated Cabinet Smoker


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Overall Dimensions:

26″ length x 28″ width x 47″ tall

Interior and exterior constructed from 11ga steel with 2000 degree insulation sandwiched in-between

Cook Chamber Dimensions (including fire box area):

18″ wide x 27″ tall x 23” deep

Product Details:

  • 2 nickel-plated NSF approved wire sliding/pull-out food grates (6.75″ clearance between racks)
  • Fully flanged and gasketed doors to keep your heat inside main chamber
  • 1 Tel-Tru stainless steel temperature gauge
  • Stainless steel cool-touch handles
  • 2 industrial heavy duty 5″ wheels and 2 heavy duty 5″ swivel wheels for easy mobility
  • Fire box includes 1 oversized slide-out charcoal basket, 1 slide-out ash pan, and 1 2″ ball valve to precisely control temperature (easily adaptable with the Stoker or Guru)
  • 1 full width and depth 1/4″ steel water pan (located in-between fire box and cooking chamber)
  • Both doors are wrapped in 14ga stainless steel and sealed with high temperature gaskets with oven-slam lockable latches
  • Painted with four coats of high heat paint
  • Total cooking area: 750 sq/in. with standard 2 racks
  • Total cooking area: 1125 sq/in. with additional 1 rack
  • Weight: 350 lbs
  • Each grate: 22″ x 17″


  •  Brisket-2
  • Spare Ribs-6
  • Pork Butt-6
  • Whole Chicken-6
  • capacity is estimated and includes use of all available cooking space in the cooking chamber

Product Use:

Holding 20lbs of charcoal (or a combination of charcoal and your flavor of wood in the charcoal basket), this smoker will maintain 225 degrees for 30+ hours. There is no temperature differential from one cooking grate to the other, meaning this smoker will be the same temperature no matter were you place your food. The water pan will hold approximately 2.5 gallons of water or liquid, and will consume around 1 gallon every 2-4.75 hours at the above temperature. Safe operating temps between 180-400 degrees (do not exceed 400 degrees as this can damage some parts of your smoker).

Model Type

Base Model, Mounted to Competition Cart (with 8" wheels), Competition Cart with Off-Road Package


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